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When you are accused of a crime, your freedom, your family, your reputation, and your job may be at stake. Be certain of your attorney's competence, reputation, expertise, and experience as a criminal defense lawyer. The Law Offices of Louis Zayas represent clients throughout the United States in all types of criminal law cases in both federal and state courts.

Civil Rights & Employment Discrimination

The Firm actively litigates in the areas of civil rights, employment discrimination, retaliation and whistleblower actions, sexual harassment/hostile work environment, federal EEO actions, Family Medical Leave issues, Fair Labor Standard Act disputes and way payment claims. We also provide consultation on employee and executive severance agreements, employee handbooks and employment contracts.

Louis Zayas' goal is to obtain the best possible results for his clients. As each client and case is unique, he tailors his strategy and defense based on the specific facts and circumstances of the case. As a former New York and New Jersey prosecutor, he understands how the criminal justice system can work for his clients. Contact the law firm of Louis Zayas today at (888) 364-5661 in North Bergen, New Jersey, to find out more about us.

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Law Offices of Louis A. Zayas LLC
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